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Domain Registration

Domain Names are the names of the websites which we visit on the Internet. For example, this website has the address ‘www.niyatisoftech.com’ which is also known as its domain name.

To register for a domain name for a website, one has to register with Domain Name Registration Service Providers. A domain name registration service provider is a company which is accredited by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to register Internet domain names.

NIYATI SOFTECH is domain name registrar offering cheap domain name registration services. The prices are competitive, yet the services are best possible world wide. NIYATI SOFTECH offers the most advanced domain registration and management system.

Client of NIYATI SOFTECH can get total control over the ownership and name server management. Through the Domain Control Panel, clients can modify or update the detail of ownership like technical, billing or registrant, phone number, email address, Name Servers (DNS) with valid name servers. And also they can get extra facilities like Bulk Domain Name Registrations, Manage Multiple domains from one control panel, Total Control over Ownership. All of the domain registration services have secure and real time processing.


Domain Prices will be differe due to extension of Domains.

Domain Name
Prices (USD)
Prices (INR)
www.yourdomain.com (.com) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.net (.net) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.org (.org) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.co.in (.co.in) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.net.in (.net.in) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.org.in (.org.in) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.ind.in (.ind.in) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.firm.in (.firm.in) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.gen.in (.gen.in) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.info (.info) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.biz (.biz) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.us (.us) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.co.uk (.co.uk) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.name (.name) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.org.uk (.org.uk) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.me.uk (.me.uk) 10.00 500
www.yourdomain.eu (.eu) 10.30 514.92
www.yourdomain.ws (.ws) 12.68 633.84
www.yourdomain.in (.in) 12.80 640
www.yourdomain.mobi (.mobi) 16.00 800
www.yourdomain.cc (.cc) 19.01 950.68
www.yourdomain.bz (.bz) 19.02 950.96
www.yourdomain.asia (.asia) 22.32 1,116.09
www.yourdomain.tv (.tv) 25.36 1,268.08
www.yourdomain.us.com (.us.com) 27.74 1,387.00
www.yourdomain.eu.com (.eu.com) 27.74 1,387.00
www.yourdomain.gb.com (.gb.com) 27.74 1,387.00
www.yourdomain.qc.com (.qc.com) 27.74 1,387.00
www.yourdomain.kr.com (.kr.com) 27.74 1,387.00
www.yourdomain.ae.org (.ae.org) 27.74 1,387.00
www.yourdomain.mn (.mn) 39.63 1,981.60
www.yourdomain.uk.com (.uk.com) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.uk.net (.uk.net) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.gb.net (.gb.net) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.de.com (.de.com) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.br.com (.br.com) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.hu.com (.hu.com) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.jpn.com (.jpn.com) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.no.com (.no.com) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.ru.com (.ru.com) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.sa.com (.sa.com) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.se.com (.se.com) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.se.net (.se.net) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.uy.com (.uy.com) 47.56 2,378.00
www.yourdomain.za.com (.za.com) 47.56 2,378.00
  • We are liable to change prices without any notice.
  • Prices of these top-level domain name registration sites may be cheaper for domain transfers, registering domains for multiple years,
  • Registering domain names in bulk from the registrars.
  • Read their domainname registrar TOS and services carefully -- you might save more money in the long run by paying more now.
  • .in, .co.in, .net.in, .org.in Indian domains can now be registered by anyone
  • The .tv domain  name registration is available for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 years period only
  • Prices for .tv domain names are subject to change without notice.  The final price is determined when the domain purchase is finalized.
  • Pricing for high profile .tv domain name registrations has been reserved by .tv registry.
  • .uk domain names have to be registered for minimum 2 years period.
  • Surprisingly, anybody, even citizen of other countries like India can register .co.uk and .org.uk domain names!
  • .ca Canadian domain names are restricted for Canadian citizens only
  • .us USA domain names are restricted for American citizen only
  • *.tv, .cc are country level domain names, can be registered unrestricted by anyone.
  • .info and .biz domain names are new top level international domain names introduced by ICANN (the authority for domain name registrations which appoints domain name registrar) to provide domain names of choice due to high saturation in older .com top level domain names. Try them if you fail to find a .com name of your choice!
Security Tips for your domain name (after domain name registration):
  • Always write down your username and password used at the time of domain name registration or domain name transfer and keep it in a secure place, remember, whoever has this information can become the owner of the domain name.
  • Use the email address for your contact information that you mostly use.
  • Keep your email login information safe, anyone who has access to it can use it to obtain your domain name login information and hijack your domain name.
  • Regularly check your email, you get any important email from us to that email address, like your domain name renewal notification.
  • If you change your email address, I mean, if you start using a different email address more regularly or your current email address dies down for whatever reasons, login to your domain name control panel and update with the most current email address. Your email address is used to recover password. If you forget your password and your email address listed in your domain name is not working, you will not be able to recover your domain name login username and password.
Terms of Service
By registering domain names, you agree by terms and conditions as set below:



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